Mindful Adventures

A Weekend Retreat

Mindful Adventures offers a meaningful and unique experience to unplug and recharge from the stressors of our lives. The weekend will encourage personal challenges and offer growth opportunities in a safe and fun environment.

Camp Cromwell, Martinsville, New Jersey
May 30 – June 1, 2014


A deliberate, investigative form of awareness that through continued practice can offer individuals a way to develop a more genuine connection with self and others. A variety of meditative techniques will be taught throughout the weekend. The development of a daily practice will be explored and encouraged.


An exciting, fun approach to trying something new, that you didn’t think you could do or might be uncomfortable doing. The Adventure activities will include the use of cooperative games, problem solving initiatives, and the low and high elements on a challenge ropes course. Through the use of observation, reflection and inquiry, these activities become metaphors for real life experiences and therefore offer the opportunity to create personal challenges, meaning and growth.


Union of mind, body and breath. A daily asana (pose) and pranayama (breath) practice will be taught from a variety of styles of yoga.


A local musician will perform Saturday night whose performance if guaranteed to have you singing and moving along to some of your favorite songs campfire style.

Sample Agenda

7:00 Arrival and registration
8:00 Introduction activities and Mindfulness exercise
8:30 Full Value Commitment and goal setting
10:30 Evening meditation practice
11:00 Lights out

7:30 Breakfast in silence
8:00 Mindful yoga and meditation
9 00 Warm ups, collaborative games and problem solving initiatives
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Challenge Ropes Course: Low elements
5:00 Dinner and Solo reflection
6:30 Moving meditation practices
7:30 Evening activities/live music

7:30 Breakfast
8:00 Mindful Yoga and meditation
9 00 Warm ups/ Personal goal review
9:30 Challenge Ropes Course: High Elements
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Challenge Ropes Course: High Elements
3:00 Closing group activity
5:00 End of weekend

To Register

201-841-0432 or jgrundlcsw@gmail.com
Space is very limited
Registration deadline is May 19th, 2014
Cost = $ 485.00
This includes room, board and tuition.

The weekend will offer a substance and distraction free environment and uses the Full Value Commitment (FVC)* as a model for personal development.

Be Here: Meditation and Mindfulness
Be Safe: Physical and Emotional Well Being
Be Honest: Integrity and Values
Set Goals: Goal setting
Let Go and Move On: Acceptance and Forgiveness
Care for Self and Others: Gratitude and service

* The FVC was created by Project Adventure Inc. For more information visit www.pa.org